For the pets we love and all people who love them, Calm Animals™ provides non-toxic, natural ways to enhance and preserve your animals' well-being.

Some of our Features

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  • Calm & Collected™

    Calm & Collected™ Eases the fight-or-flight response and adds to resilience, stamina, and performance. Suitable for all pets and livestock.

  • Clean Sweep Spray™

    Easy-to-use Clean Sweep Spray™ relieves your animals’ tension, creates a sense of well-being, and fosters feelings of security. Helps compensate for the effects of modulated EMF signals on living things.

  • Success Stories

    Users tell us that Calm Animals™ products improve owner and animal experiences during everyday handling, training, and stressful times. Especially helpful when an animal is facing veterinary visits, travel, and showing.